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How to “check-in” properly without annoying others

I know this is annoying, when you open your facebook page, the whole page is about check-ins from your friends. “Foursqure” is becoming a more and more popular app. To some extent, check-in information is positive for local business. On one hand,  Restaurants and bars could read people’s tips and improve their qualities, on the other hand, the”check-in” is completing the addresses, it helps local facilities are more easy to be found.

Hereby I will give some advice on how to “check-in” properly without annoying others:

  1. Don’t connect your foursquare or other location check-in accounts with facebook or twitter. As we all know that facebook and twitter have already become the first platforms for people to obtain news. Thus, it will be very annoying if all your personal activities are shown on facebook and twitter, except your best friends, no one would really like to know this.
  2.  Don’t check –in every single time, just check-in in some really interesting places. Every one wants to be cool if they check in cool places, but not every time you need to tell people, especially when you check in at 7pm every day to announce the whole world that you have arrived at your sweet home.
  3. Want to win the badges? Then don’t be that blind ! There are some badges with the winning of the continuely five check in, thus, a lot of uses deem that they more they check in, they more badges they will win. However,  that is not the way to win badges. If you want to win badges, please check online to see in what conditions you can win them, some of them lies on the first time you check on board, some of them on the time when you check in in the mid of the night etc. Thus, don’t bother your friends in a crazily check-in ways 😉

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