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The ROI of Social Media (Day 9)

Let me start with a joke:

Two mice were talking. One really wanted a girl friend, so he asked the other one: ” heya, maybe you can introduce me a nice single female that you know?” The other one took out a picture from the pocket,saying: “I do know one! here it is, how about this girl? ” He looked at the picture and got angry: “What do you mean? She is a bat! ” His friend said: “Oh come on dude, she is an air hostess.”

When I was a kid, I believed that bat is a mouse with wings, since they have the same face. But is mouse with wings bat? Biologists point out that in fact bat is bat, mouse is mouse, they are completely two different species. And today  my assignment is on the ROI (Return of Investment)of social media,  and I have spent a whole morning doing useless research on data analysis and ROI softwares until Mr.D threw me a similar question: “Is social media campaign social media? “I was speechless. I realized that I made the old mistake as I made on the mouse and bat thing.

Social Media and Social Media Campaign is not equal to each other. Social Media is for people to share online whilst Social Media Campaign is for people to do online promotion for specific productions. The former is long-term activities and a direct dialogue happens every second, but the latter is only a short-term advertisement with social media as its platform, happens in specific period.

Gary Vaynerchuk used a hilarious metaphor when received question as “how to measure the ROI of social media”. He fiercely claimed that all those datas on business we obtained could not measure the ROI of social media, and the real financial value lies on the relationship with consumer/customers. In other words, the ROI of social media campaign is about money and profits, the ROI of social media is about conversations.

It is indicated that “The problem with trying to determine ROI for social media is you are trying to put numeric quantitifes around human interactions and conversations, which are not quantifiable.” And the truth is it is not easy to measure the ROI of social media, even if a production’s advertisement  received million of “like” through facebook page. People who click “like” don’t need to purchase the production, so the “like” only hints the influence that imposed by  social media. And for those profits that company really makes are from people who buy this production for sure.

It sounds very abstract. Comparably speaking, what the ROI of social media campaign always report are brand exposures, traffic (comments on contents),  cost of sale, time to sale etc. but the ROI of social media concerns are the real increase in sale and quality of relationships. (more information please see here). However, for both of them, the ROI is not easy to calculate. It needs huge work to do, even not easier than a rocket surgery.

During the lunch, we watched another speech by Gary Vaynerchuk, who talked about how necessary for business to adapt to social media. Afterwards, I was surrounded by curiosities as “How about China?”.  Unfortunately, as a Chinese citizen who grows up inside the Great Fire Wall, I have no idea on the related development of social media business either. Probably China will make use of their own internet wonderland and continually loosing their connection with the whole world.

Knowing that I am discovering the social media world recently, my friends on my Chinese twitter (which is a product made in China) complain that global social media sites abandon China, because they ignore the power of 42 million Chinese netizens. But the fact is that it is China who abandon the globe first.Predicting the future of social media development in China, I am afraid that is even more complicated than ROI. God Bless.

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The best Social Media Campaign (Day 8)

Today’s topic is Social Media Campaign, which I thought I was unacquainted with. “It gonna be a long day”, I told myself while opening my Facebook page as usual.Then again, I received the “Farmville” invitation. Damn, this is so annoying! I cannot remember how many times I have received this, even from those friends I am not familiar with! So no matter what, this time I have to figure out how to block “Farmville” on Facebook first. However, Google easily breaks my heart in one second, because the result shows that in fact “Farmville” has 8 million fans, which is even bigger than Twitter, it is not only the social networking game of the year, but also, attention please, it is considered as one of the best social media campaigns by Forbes magazine!

So huh, this is the Social Media Campaign.Well, at least from the case of “Farmville”, a good social media campaign doesn’t work for every one, it has its own group of audience, and it might also bring harassment to other netizens.But still, they can be categorized as successful ones because of huge influences and profits.

Briefly, Social Media Campaign  is a part of social media marketing, and it can be described as an advertising way through Social Media. Since Social Media is a highly free share network, the social media campaign could be very influential and can refer to loads of fields besides Games.

“Give me my Chuck” campaign is one of an influential online activity to collect fans to save the NBC‘s TV show “Chuck“, which attracts enough attention from NBC and finally renewed two seasons. The 2008 United States presidential election also had huge presence on social networking sites, it is claimed that one major success for Obama’s victory comes from  the power of social media. The famous auto company Ford also uses social media to promote their new Fiesta,so do food companies as Dunkin Donuts and Burger King.

Amongst all these campaigns, popular social media sites, especially Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, play an essential role.  Social media leads a new trend of marketing, leads a new form of campaign, and leads Barbie and Ken together again as well.

So far, the best-ever social media campaign is “the blair witch project” , which is a horro film. But with the social media promotion,  the film made more than $29 million during its first week and has generated about $249 million to date worldwide.

There are indeed  some lessons we can learn from the success of the Blair Witch Project, however, different case has different situations.  Campaign of a movie is easier than it of a normal production, because people prefer stories, which make it possible to attract a larger audience.

In a nut shell, there are some vital elements to run a successful social media campaign, firstly the campaign should be creative enough to catch public attention, no matter the idea is funny or scary, it should be interesting enough for netizens to share with friends. Actually in order to promote online influentially, the keyword must be “SHARE”. Social media offers a big platform for every one in the world to take part in a same big network, and a good social media campaign should be well planned and strategic.

Another interesting thing is that, as far as I have discovered, unlike traditional advertisement which we usually see from TV and Newspapers, celebrities do not really help social media campaign. Based on small network, consumers are more intended to be influenced by other factors in their social network, where they can respond to and communicate with each other much more easily.

In some countries, like USA, social media campaign is beginning to play a main part on marketings whilst in some other countries like China, social media campaign hasn’t really  started yet. Thinking of the power of social media, I believe that the whole globe will get involved in no time.

Nevertheless, all I wrote above is just a very shallow description on social media marketing, personally, I would really like to participate in some campaigns which fit my interests in the near future. At this moment I still choose to block “Farmville ” from my facebook, because it is just not my cup of tea. Actually I don’t know why I really want some fried chicken wings today, are there any campaign with free gifts on that?

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