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Google+ and Google’s Social Media Network (Day 22)

Today is the Independence Day of USA. It is also a rare nice sunny day for amsterdam . However, it seems that “Google+” hit the headline in every media. One of my colleague asked if someone had the “Google+” invitation, and it is a shame that none of us has received the confirm letter from Google. We are all eager to join this “New” social media network.

What is Google+? Generally speaking, it is a social media network, and in fact this social media network is really closed to “Facebook“, which we are all familiar with. Since the moment when Google+ was born,  it is being widely compared with Facebook.  For me, it is a bit weird to use Google to interact with friends,  since it is already powerful enough for people to obtain all kinds of information as the most popular search engine. Besides, Facebook is involving a larger population, and becoming more and more integrated, who really wants to quit Facebook?

But this is not the first time for Google to develop its social media network site. Unfortunately, most social media productions by Google before were not successful. Here is a clear picture of the history of Google’s social media:

As far as I have discovered,  Google’s social media network has achieved  some success to some extend in specific countries.  Like the site Orkut, until the year of 2011, nearly 85% of Orkut users are from Brazil and India.  Friendster, which is considered as the “grandpa” of social media network is one of the most popular sites in Asian countries.

From this picture, we can see that Google has tried different field to launch social media sites, but they have never been really globally grown. Though Google Buzz is a comparably more international and integrated social media site lately, it still made Google face an embarrassed situation. Apparently, Facebook is more convenient and welcomed by citizens.

However, Social Media itself is a developing industry with the development of technology and internet. Someday, there will be something replace Facebook. and the popularity of Facebook actually meet people’s demand in time. Thus, as the most smart search engine (which millions of people even cannot live without), Google reckons it is their time to do a big change on social media network, in order to crash Facebook and build a better social media network, Google+ was born.

Basically Google+ is similar as Facebook, as a recent launched it not only learns a lot of advantages from Facebook but also learns a lot of lessons from its unsuccessful sites before. One of the alleged best features of Google + is the circles.  It makes it more easier that friends are in different groups and circle, so your nightclubbing pictures won’t be seen by your boss if you share this in another circle.

Some people say that Google+ concerns much more on copyright things while Facebook is the co-owner of anything that users publish. But I don’t think this really makes sense, since in my past articles it is already concluded that the real copyrights don’t really exist.

Personally, I am really happy using Facebook right now.And I do believe that Facebook could keep improve itself and get better. Internet is a world of information without boundaries , Google plays an extremely role in this world without any doubt.Google already has a lot of good productions for us to use, like the Google Chrome, Google Map etc.

I always would like to say that I cannot live without Google , however, when Google+ came out, I am really  begin to worry that I will become a slave of Google, and the internet life won’t be fun at all.Plus, it is really troublesome for most of netizens to leave their current social media sites and start all connections again.

It has already been one week since I sent my email to Google+ to ask for an invitation. And now I still haven’t heard anything from them. This time Google+ is really careful to pick first users and check feedbacks to win social media networking market. But neither of them could occupied the whole world, because they both will miss one of the biggest internet market --China. Since Google search engine is kicked out from the mainland, and the Google+ won’t be accepted either. This is very hilarious.What the hell.

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Social Media Landscape (Day 7)

Last weekend, I found out that a guy  I had crush on has already de-registered from the Facebook, which means I cannot spy him anymore. That is too bad, since Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for me to get to know a person. Well, I know this sounds creepy but with the development of Web2.0, it is not rare for us to reach people through the Social network sites, which includes loads of information and connect people with each other.

If we compare social media world to an ocean, then Facebook is just a small fish, and besides that there are millions of species.  Let’s first check what Wikipedia says about Social Media: ” Social Media is media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.” This can be shortly concluded as four “C” words: Context, Contacts, Communications and Collaborations.

Maybe we can say, from the first moment when you upload a picture on the internet, the first moment when you listen to a song through the internet, the first moment when you read an article from your friend on the internet, you are involved  in a “sharing network”, which is the most essential point of Social Media.

Here is a picture clearly demonstrates the social media landscape:

and it is not hard to see that Social Media is more about conversations. All those websites could create conversations between netizens, companies, industries etc. can be considered as social media. And all these tools and services can be divided into different categories, for example: blogs and wikis belong to publications;  youtube and flickr belong to sharings; Skype, forums are discussion tools; Twitters, Plurk are micropubliations etc.

No one can really get out of this social media ocean. Every day there are new softwares and websites come out to take part in the development of social media, and they are getting more and more specific, trying to get closer to our daily lives.

Foursquare is a location based service, it connected with mobile devices and people using “check-in” to tell the world their locations, which even brings an interaction between netizens and the environment. Pipl is a people searching engine, which in the picture belongs to the reputation part, although Google can also be used for people searching, websites like Pipl leads to a more accurate result.

Speaking of SMS (Short Message Service), I am a bit doubtful. Is SMS a social media as well? It looks like that SMS entered our lives much earlier than other social media sites, not mention Facebook. When there is no Facebook, we communicate with each other through ICQ or MSN a lot. To some extend, it makes sense that we use chatting tools to share informations so that a sharing network is built, and we can consider SMS as a social media. However, so far I cannot find a related article to support this idea while every one already thinks that SMS is a social media.

But at least one thing for sure is, believe it or not, human beings were born to be social animals. Don’t think that social network is just a outcome of this era. In fact, this sentence came out from thousands years ago, by one of the greatest Greek Philosophers Aristotle. And during thousands of years, there is no such a convenient tool for people to communicate until the invention of internet. Technology helps a social network easier to reach, the growth of social media sites were born to meet people’s demand.

Plus, Social Media now is even accelerating the globalization.  A local happening could become a global concerned situation. Isn’t this amazing? I am sure that Aristotle would be so happy if he could see the sharing network today. He would wish he could relive.

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