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5 Popular Personal Social Media Brands (Day 15)

Besides Gary Vaynerchuk, I need to figure out other four successful personal social media brands today. Again, I have to ask help from Google and Wikipedia. However, it doesn’t give me enough information this time. There is a large number of results on “how to” build a successful personal social media brands instead of a list about those “real successful” personal social media brands, it seems that most people are eager to create their own personal social media brands other than  talk about others’ success. Since this is a trend of social media’s development, taking the first chance is extremely important for everyone.

Thus, it makes sense that 90% of successful personal social media brands (as far as I have found),  are social media marketer or specialists, they are setting models themselves to help normal netizens become popular as they are. Plus, they are also sharing their professional knowledges with their fans.  The big popularity behind them also makes me believe that social media closely relates to business profits because no matter what the communication is about, “making money” is the main topic that everyone concerns.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the most popular one without any doubts, he even has his wikipedia page.He has more than 80 thousands followers on his twitter, and it is very easy to find his youtube video on social media as well. Maybe we can say he is the best person who can apply business to social media properly. He knows how to promote business by social media skill so that many people ask help from him and listen to his advice. Though his major firstly was not social media, social media is the platform makes him famous and more successful on his business: the wine.

Frank Eliason is another famous & popular personal social medial brand. He is also a businessman but mainly focus on how to give best customer service through social media. It is said that ” He was a man doing the right thing at the right time and he unwittingly became a celebrity in social media marketing circles for his accomplishments. “ His repute from the work he  did in comcastcares, and it didn’t get reduced even after when he quit his job.

Jonathan Fields , who is a famous blogger firstly, then starts his book marketing project. In fact his blog also have contents about his life and work, then how can he build a personal social media brand? Then obviously, the content is the king. Usable information is very important for the grow of personal brand. He is the author of book Career Renegade , giving advice to people on how to work what they really like, which exactly matches people’s need in today’s fast speed life.

There is another example that starts from blogging, a red head “bitch” Erika Napoletano , her kick-ass writing attract various of readers. Her contents are not specific about how to make use of  social media for business as Gary Vaynerchuk, but they have great sense of humor. People read her blogs for leisure more. However, her success in blogging still pushes herself into a social media specialist level, and helping her building up her personal social media brand.

And I really need to mention Jamie Oliver ! In China, there is an old saying that “Food is the god for people”, and probably this is the reason why  Jamie Oliver’s food revolution could bring him into one of the most popular personal social media brands. People want to eat healthy, people want their children to be healthy.His popularity online brings his business into reality, he owns some restaurants with huge profits (of course!) His personal social media makes him rich, makes us healthy. It creates benefits for both him and audience.

No matter what, from twitter, one of their biggest social media activity platform, we can clearly see  a common feature: they are interacting with their fans all the time! And this is a very vital element to help them stay popular and make themselves better.

After seeing their success, I cannot help ask is it possible that a normal person could also be famous, successful, popular as them through social media platform? Probably not. As far as I have discovered, most of them have a prerequisite: they are already successful enough in their own field before the social media brands’ set up.People adore them because they want to be similar as them.

I cannot adore a person if he is nothing, and he has to have “something” the deserve my worship. He can be good at writing(like Erika Napoletano), can be good at running business(Like Gary Vaynerchuk), good at cooking(Jamie Oliver) etc. And that is the basis of the their popularity online. Social media is not a place for them to start their career, it is a place for them to promote, to advertise, to make them more successful.

Thus, if you want to own a popular personal social media brand, firstly discover the real value of yourself!



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Your Social Media Personal Brand? ( Day 14)

Of course I know the big power of Social Media, and I understand how people are happily freely share knowledges nowadays, and I am a big Facebook fan too.However, I have always been doubted on why we should develop our individual social media brand, is this necessary?

I have talked about the social medial campaign a few days before, clearly, social media is becoming a popular platform for big companies to advertise themselves and make better profits.

In the beginning, social media sites like facebook and twitter etc. are starting from individuals’ pages. Because companies attract a large scale of audience, who are getting used to broadcasting daily lives online, it creates the possibility that marketing through social media could be successful.  Thus, we cannot help asking, why dont we use social media to build our personal brands?

Actually personal brand is a concept from PR (public relations), with the development of web 2.0,  individuals are more outstanding from their social media pages. Celebrities expose themselves more in front of public to attract more followers while normal people could become famous by sharing informations.

One of the biggest successful examples is Gary Vaynerchuk, he walks in the frontier field of social media, and now becomes one of the most famous and popular person in USA, and even the whole world.

Looking at his twitter,  with a  big number of 88 thousand fans, he also follows more than 10 thousand people. Unlike those hollywood stars who keep showing themselves through twitter and treating other fans’ replays as nothing —well, I have this frustrated experience, I mentioned my favorite football star millions of times wishing he could reply me even only one time, but this wish never came true—His twitter page is full of interactions with people, which makes me wonder if he does nothing every day but only communicates with his fans.

However, if we say creating a facebook and a twitter account is a must, then communicating with fans is one of the most important ways to build the personal brand. In order to become famous in social media,  individuals have to learn to listen to fans firstly, fans are taking the main actions. It is not hard to find out that there are so many alleged “experts” teaching us how to set up the personal brand, but in fact they  dont even have their personal brands with themselves, not mention famous personal brands :S

Mainly speaking,a successful social media personal blog needs lots of works: including bloggings, audience targets, social community research, brand ambassador selection etc.  And when referring the reasons why, even Mr.D says the same: “it is the future.”

Future? Does every one needs to run a personal brand on social media? Or is it just a “huge ego”thing? There is no doubt that a successful personal social media brand could help promote individuals themselves and even create business profits.But in the future, when every one has a personal brand, I am really not sure if we can still call it “personal brand” !

It is said that it is better to talk about usable things which interest audience when developing the personal brand in order to get more fans,  so if people only want to be a narcissist and keep talking about their daily lives won’t get  what they really want.  Personal social media brand, which is an outcome from the development of social media network, to some extend shows that everyone equally shares knowledges, i mean, useful knowledges.

Gary Vaynerchuk says, all people with personal social media brand have to do is to focus on their audience, then just let the audience grow naturally, which is the advantage that only social media network could bring. I totally agree with him, but personal brands cannot be fit in everywhere, in every person. Now it is a new era, and it is a perfect time to start your personal social media brand, but when personal social media brand gets more popular, then there might won’t be so many influential brands anymore except first ones. Until then, there probably will have new personal brand issues in other ways.

However, at present, we normal people, cannot be exposed in front of traditional media as hollywood stars, social media is the best platform to expose ourselves. At least it creates a feeling that we exist in the world, plus, if you are jobless or leading a misery life, why not try to create your personal social media brand to increase your exposure and even make money on it?


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The ROI of Social Media (Day 9)

Let me start with a joke:

Two mice were talking. One really wanted a girl friend, so he asked the other one: ” heya, maybe you can introduce me a nice single female that you know?” The other one took out a picture from the pocket,saying: “I do know one! here it is, how about this girl? ” He looked at the picture and got angry: “What do you mean? She is a bat! ” His friend said: “Oh come on dude, she is an air hostess.”

When I was a kid, I believed that bat is a mouse with wings, since they have the same face. But is mouse with wings bat? Biologists point out that in fact bat is bat, mouse is mouse, they are completely two different species. And today  my assignment is on the ROI (Return of Investment)of social media,  and I have spent a whole morning doing useless research on data analysis and ROI softwares until Mr.D threw me a similar question: “Is social media campaign social media? “I was speechless. I realized that I made the old mistake as I made on the mouse and bat thing.

Social Media and Social Media Campaign is not equal to each other. Social Media is for people to share online whilst Social Media Campaign is for people to do online promotion for specific productions. The former is long-term activities and a direct dialogue happens every second, but the latter is only a short-term advertisement with social media as its platform, happens in specific period.

Gary Vaynerchuk used a hilarious metaphor when received question as “how to measure the ROI of social media”. He fiercely claimed that all those datas on business we obtained could not measure the ROI of social media, and the real financial value lies on the relationship with consumer/customers. In other words, the ROI of social media campaign is about money and profits, the ROI of social media is about conversations.

It is indicated that “The problem with trying to determine ROI for social media is you are trying to put numeric quantitifes around human interactions and conversations, which are not quantifiable.” And the truth is it is not easy to measure the ROI of social media, even if a production’s advertisement  received million of “like” through facebook page. People who click “like” don’t need to purchase the production, so the “like” only hints the influence that imposed by  social media. And for those profits that company really makes are from people who buy this production for sure.

It sounds very abstract. Comparably speaking, what the ROI of social media campaign always report are brand exposures, traffic (comments on contents),  cost of sale, time to sale etc. but the ROI of social media concerns are the real increase in sale and quality of relationships. (more information please see here). However, for both of them, the ROI is not easy to calculate. It needs huge work to do, even not easier than a rocket surgery.

During the lunch, we watched another speech by Gary Vaynerchuk, who talked about how necessary for business to adapt to social media. Afterwards, I was surrounded by curiosities as “How about China?”.  Unfortunately, as a Chinese citizen who grows up inside the Great Fire Wall, I have no idea on the related development of social media business either. Probably China will make use of their own internet wonderland and continually loosing their connection with the whole world.

Knowing that I am discovering the social media world recently, my friends on my Chinese twitter (which is a product made in China) complain that global social media sites abandon China, because they ignore the power of 42 million Chinese netizens. But the fact is that it is China who abandon the globe first.Predicting the future of social media development in China, I am afraid that is even more complicated than ROI. God Bless.

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