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Start a Blog for Yourself or Business: Top 10 Basics You Should Know!

Have a blog for yourself was the first thing I talked about when I started this blog. But it seems that I have never really specifically introduce how to start a blog…so in this article, I want to make it more in details. It is easier than you imagine, but there are still some basic knowledge you have to keep in mind.

1.  The Name of your Blog, and the Tagline

No matter you are a person or you will write for a business,  think of the name and tagline carefully before you start. Because it is hard for you to go back to revise it, and the most important is, the TAGLINE will be indexed by the search engine.

2. What to Blog?

The whole social media network is Share, Share and Share. Blog is a way to show yourself, and your product, so if you want to go viral, you need audience who would like to Share your content. “Content is the King”, as I always say. Blog something you are good at and interested in, so that you could at least write something worthy of share. If you love Fashion, love cooking, love traveling, love to watch Movies…go ahead and blog them!

3. Blogging Software

Find a blogging software which is easy to use. There are millions of blog website out there,but I personally suggest that you should find the one which suits your content most. Like in fashion blogosphere, most fashionistas prefer to blog through Blogger than WordPress…

4. URL

An important element to customize your blog.  You can also use it with your company’s domain together.

5. Layout

Simple and Easy is what I high recommend. You can always put beautiful images that reflect your topic, but the layout should still be clear. There are some blogs show up with awful text colors and crazy background, which won’t attract people to read.

6.  Links and Social Media pluggins.

Besides those basic SEO skills that I wrote in the last blog article, never ever forget building Links and add Social media pluggins to your blog. They are the keys for your blog to be exposed and shared.

7. Categorize your blog articles.

Never ignore the function of TAGs, while never ignore Categories. Categorize your blog articles, and you are very welcome to multi-categorize them. For example, this article I am writing can be categorized as Social Media Blog, while also Social Media Marketing…

8. Track your audience.

Most blogging software help you track where and how do your clicks come from. You can always found a clear chart on your dashboard to get to know your audience.

9. Comment Trackback

It is up to the author if they want people to comment on blogs…even though there are so much spam nowadays, it will never be wrong if you keep your comment open to audience, especially when you are blogging for your business…because you need to communicate with your consumers/potential consumers.  And be sure to trackback comments, so you will be notified when you audience reply to your message—-this means a great start of a conversation directly with your fans/consumers.


10. Comment on other blogs.

Another best way to attract audience and to run your blog better. You can start to comment on others’ blog even before your blog officially launched. Making friends with bloggers, knowing what they have been up to. Involve other blogs and bloggers are the best start to participate the online community.



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Basic SEO skills for Blogging/Bloggers

It has been a long time since my blog updated last year :S Feel so sorry for it. However, my life has been some big changes, the biggest one is that I am living in New York City now.

From Europe to the United States, life keeps getting busy, and I also spend a lot of time doing my other work…Whatever, I am back to this ocean again and continue to contribue my researches on Social Media. Today I want to talk about some basic SEO skilling for blogging.

The other day one of my friends asked me if there were some methods for her blog to be found easily meanwhile she doesn’t want to spend too much time on blog promotion. It is true that online promotion always takes a long time, which really upsets people who living in a busy life. So hereby, I would like to give some basic SEO skills for bloggers: You can promote your blog while you are writing it!

  • Your Blog Title

You have to have an attractive blog title. “Attractive” here means “attractive” to searching engines other than you audience.  Before giving a title, please re-think: If I were a person who needs similar information, what kind of sentences or keywords will I search for?

It is not hard to discover that on searching engines result pages, blogs with easy, simple, direct titles come up first, for example “Five restaurant you should hang out in Manhattan,” Top Ten website similar as Ebay” etc.

Tips: use “HOW TO…”, “Top 5 (or10)…”, “The best XX…” title

  • Keyword Magic

Keyword is magic. Use keyword wisely please.

Use it in Titles. Tags. 

Mention them in your articles, but don’t mention it all the time. The best way is keyword should be brought up every 30 words or more. However, it varies too because some people deem that every 150 words or more.  It depends on your article. If your articles only has 300 words, then why not mention it more???


  • Links

Links links links. Links are important for SEO, that is why we say “link-building”.

I know for most people, sometimes it is troublesome to find related links (or related articles attached). The easiest way is use suggested links that provided by blog site itself. But you can also give links to big names: Brands, celebrities, popular words, country… Links help your popularity.


  • Bullets. Bold. Underline words

You must have found that almost in every article, I use bullet and bold words. I don’t really know the reason, but they help with the searching engine rankings! And it can help audience find the information they need faster.





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How to Attract More Traffic to your Blog?

Recently  I’ve been busy doing social media marketing for an online fashion community. Thus, for two months I haven’t updated anything here. However, with two months’  new online marketing  experiences, I have more to write about.

Today I would like to share some tips on blog promotion with you.

I always believe thatContent is the King, but I also want to say that If you want more traffic, you need to expose more about your blog. You have to make much noise to attract traffic.

First, make sure where do your traffic come from.  You can find something about your audience from the statistic part on your dashboard. You can see the area where most visitors come from, their traffic source etc.

Second, try to write some content to match the “Hot keyword” from the region where your audience from. For example, if you are writing fashion blog, when your audience are more from uk, you can focus on some UK fashion icons’ styles. If you are writing about entertainment,  when you audience are more  from India, you can sure focus on Bollywood, or india celebrities in Hollywood etc. I know this sounds subservient ? but it does help you earm more traffic from different areas of the world.

Third, Communication with other blogers! I have to say that this is the fastest way to earn your traffic. After your new blog article is published, go out to the world blogosphere to see what other bloggers write about. Leave messages to blogs which have the same topic as you.  Fashion to fashion, food to food, social media to social media…which gonna make more sense. The messages you leave should be high-quality, and then be sure to make your link to your blog in the end of your message, which can lead bloggers back to your own blog.

Fourth, try to use different social media sites to expose your blog address. Submit your link to release share sites like Digg,   share your new articles with fans on twitter and friends on facebook. Try to find some related online communities, make an account, and only share part of ideas and pictures from your blogs. Like Tumblr, you can always insert your blog link.

Last, try to use an attractive title for your blog articles.  Want your blog to be searched through Search engine? Try to think if you are the guy who is searching for information, what keywords you will type in the seaching bar? Try to use more words like “How to…” “What to…” “Top 10 must…” “You should…”, which gonna definitely help your blog rank higher on the result page.




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How to Attract Readers to Your Blog (Day 17)

Well, I have to confess that I am ashamed. I am not popular neither online nor in reality. Before starting this article, I really need some professional advice, however,it seems that real popular bloggers scorn this shallow question. Because so far all  information that I could attain online are not from popular bloggers. So Now I guess I can only switch my role from a blogger into a blog reader to guess exactly “how”. Thus, if you find this article through Google or somewhere, please don’t take it seriously.

No matter how many ways there are to attract readers, I still believe: content is the king! If you want to know what  does this mean, please don’t feel annoying to check my first blog article. Readers won’t keep visiting one’s blog if there is full of nonsense. Usually, after a whole day of tired working or studying, while facing the computer back home, people need something different from daily lives. Something that fit their interests, something that make them relaxed and happy, something that cannot be easily found or even don’t exist in reality.

Take the “redhead bitch” Erika Napoletano for example, her blog’s big popularity helps she become one of the most famous personal social media brand.Actually, her contents include many categories, and she is a very creative person considering unconventional stuff like “57 things to do before you die”, which interests bored netizens a lot.

One of the most significant features that only the internet has is that it could turn root-class people into a big celebrity. Every one is equal to each other in social network, every one has the possibility to become famous. To adore a person has many reasons, maybe he is funny, maybe he has talent, maybe he is good looking…And the truth is every person has one shining thing inside to discover. Intending to be a popular blogger, we have to discover this “shining thing” by ourselves.

Who are you? What are you good at? What do you want to share with people? Keep these three things in mind. You have to show yourself but not self-centered in social network, meanwhile, you need to make others interested in you, both personality and contents.

You might get confused until you read this part, because internet is a virtual world, you can be anyone you can. I agree with this too. However, from those face to face interviews with popular bloggers, it is not hard to see that they are just as cute as what they write. Do you know someone who is a boring while have the ability to write interesting stories? Of course not!

“How to attract readers to your blog” has two meanings. One means that you can make people easier found you, earn more clicks, the other means people like to read your blog and keep visiting frequently. You can reach the former with technical ways like using RRS button, sharing through facebook or twitter, building links to obtain a better ranking on major search engines; but for the latter, it needs lost of works to do.

So before taking my advice above, I suggest first you read articles like “how to find your real value”, “how to know yourself”, “how to know what you really like” , that is the thing I think it is more important to build yourself and keep popularity for your blog. Well,speaking of this, why don’t  you just start writing tips on helping people to know themselves? Perhaps it gonna work, who knows ! Haha.


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The ROI of Social Media (Day 9)

Let me start with a joke:

Two mice were talking. One really wanted a girl friend, so he asked the other one: ” heya, maybe you can introduce me a nice single female that you know?” The other one took out a picture from the pocket,saying: “I do know one! here it is, how about this girl? ” He looked at the picture and got angry: “What do you mean? She is a bat! ” His friend said: “Oh come on dude, she is an air hostess.”

When I was a kid, I believed that bat is a mouse with wings, since they have the same face. But is mouse with wings bat? Biologists point out that in fact bat is bat, mouse is mouse, they are completely two different species. And today  my assignment is on the ROI (Return of Investment)of social media,  and I have spent a whole morning doing useless research on data analysis and ROI softwares until Mr.D threw me a similar question: “Is social media campaign social media? “I was speechless. I realized that I made the old mistake as I made on the mouse and bat thing.

Social Media and Social Media Campaign is not equal to each other. Social Media is for people to share online whilst Social Media Campaign is for people to do online promotion for specific productions. The former is long-term activities and a direct dialogue happens every second, but the latter is only a short-term advertisement with social media as its platform, happens in specific period.

Gary Vaynerchuk used a hilarious metaphor when received question as “how to measure the ROI of social media”. He fiercely claimed that all those datas on business we obtained could not measure the ROI of social media, and the real financial value lies on the relationship with consumer/customers. In other words, the ROI of social media campaign is about money and profits, the ROI of social media is about conversations.

It is indicated that “The problem with trying to determine ROI for social media is you are trying to put numeric quantitifes around human interactions and conversations, which are not quantifiable.” And the truth is it is not easy to measure the ROI of social media, even if a production’s advertisement  received million of “like” through facebook page. People who click “like” don’t need to purchase the production, so the “like” only hints the influence that imposed by  social media. And for those profits that company really makes are from people who buy this production for sure.

It sounds very abstract. Comparably speaking, what the ROI of social media campaign always report are brand exposures, traffic (comments on contents),  cost of sale, time to sale etc. but the ROI of social media concerns are the real increase in sale and quality of relationships. (more information please see here). However, for both of them, the ROI is not easy to calculate. It needs huge work to do, even not easier than a rocket surgery.

During the lunch, we watched another speech by Gary Vaynerchuk, who talked about how necessary for business to adapt to social media. Afterwards, I was surrounded by curiosities as “How about China?”.  Unfortunately, as a Chinese citizen who grows up inside the Great Fire Wall, I have no idea on the related development of social media business either. Probably China will make use of their own internet wonderland and continually loosing their connection with the whole world.

Knowing that I am discovering the social media world recently, my friends on my Chinese twitter (which is a product made in China) complain that global social media sites abandon China, because they ignore the power of 42 million Chinese netizens. But the fact is that it is China who abandon the globe first.Predicting the future of social media development in China, I am afraid that is even more complicated than ROI. God Bless.

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The best Social Media Campaign (Day 8)

Today’s topic is Social Media Campaign, which I thought I was unacquainted with. “It gonna be a long day”, I told myself while opening my Facebook page as usual.Then again, I received the “Farmville” invitation. Damn, this is so annoying! I cannot remember how many times I have received this, even from those friends I am not familiar with! So no matter what, this time I have to figure out how to block “Farmville” on Facebook first. However, Google easily breaks my heart in one second, because the result shows that in fact “Farmville” has 8 million fans, which is even bigger than Twitter, it is not only the social networking game of the year, but also, attention please, it is considered as one of the best social media campaigns by Forbes magazine!

So huh, this is the Social Media Campaign.Well, at least from the case of “Farmville”, a good social media campaign doesn’t work for every one, it has its own group of audience, and it might also bring harassment to other netizens.But still, they can be categorized as successful ones because of huge influences and profits.

Briefly, Social Media Campaign  is a part of social media marketing, and it can be described as an advertising way through Social Media. Since Social Media is a highly free share network, the social media campaign could be very influential and can refer to loads of fields besides Games.

“Give me my Chuck” campaign is one of an influential online activity to collect fans to save the NBC‘s TV show “Chuck“, which attracts enough attention from NBC and finally renewed two seasons. The 2008 United States presidential election also had huge presence on social networking sites, it is claimed that one major success for Obama’s victory comes from  the power of social media. The famous auto company Ford also uses social media to promote their new Fiesta,so do food companies as Dunkin Donuts and Burger King.

Amongst all these campaigns, popular social media sites, especially Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, play an essential role.  Social media leads a new trend of marketing, leads a new form of campaign, and leads Barbie and Ken together again as well.

So far, the best-ever social media campaign is “the blair witch project” , which is a horro film. But with the social media promotion,  the film made more than $29 million during its first week and has generated about $249 million to date worldwide.

There are indeed  some lessons we can learn from the success of the Blair Witch Project, however, different case has different situations.  Campaign of a movie is easier than it of a normal production, because people prefer stories, which make it possible to attract a larger audience.

In a nut shell, there are some vital elements to run a successful social media campaign, firstly the campaign should be creative enough to catch public attention, no matter the idea is funny or scary, it should be interesting enough for netizens to share with friends. Actually in order to promote online influentially, the keyword must be “SHARE”. Social media offers a big platform for every one in the world to take part in a same big network, and a good social media campaign should be well planned and strategic.

Another interesting thing is that, as far as I have discovered, unlike traditional advertisement which we usually see from TV and Newspapers, celebrities do not really help social media campaign. Based on small network, consumers are more intended to be influenced by other factors in their social network, where they can respond to and communicate with each other much more easily.

In some countries, like USA, social media campaign is beginning to play a main part on marketings whilst in some other countries like China, social media campaign hasn’t really  started yet. Thinking of the power of social media, I believe that the whole globe will get involved in no time.

Nevertheless, all I wrote above is just a very shallow description on social media marketing, personally, I would really like to participate in some campaigns which fit my interests in the near future. At this moment I still choose to block “Farmville ” from my facebook, because it is just not my cup of tea. Actually I don’t know why I really want some fried chicken wings today, are there any campaign with free gifts on that?

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Social Media Landscape (Day 7)

Last weekend, I found out that a guy  I had crush on has already de-registered from the Facebook, which means I cannot spy him anymore. That is too bad, since Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for me to get to know a person. Well, I know this sounds creepy but with the development of Web2.0, it is not rare for us to reach people through the Social network sites, which includes loads of information and connect people with each other.

If we compare social media world to an ocean, then Facebook is just a small fish, and besides that there are millions of species.  Let’s first check what Wikipedia says about Social Media: ” Social Media is media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.” This can be shortly concluded as four “C” words: Context, Contacts, Communications and Collaborations.

Maybe we can say, from the first moment when you upload a picture on the internet, the first moment when you listen to a song through the internet, the first moment when you read an article from your friend on the internet, you are involved  in a “sharing network”, which is the most essential point of Social Media.

Here is a picture clearly demonstrates the social media landscape:

and it is not hard to see that Social Media is more about conversations. All those websites could create conversations between netizens, companies, industries etc. can be considered as social media. And all these tools and services can be divided into different categories, for example: blogs and wikis belong to publications;  youtube and flickr belong to sharings; Skype, forums are discussion tools; Twitters, Plurk are micropubliations etc.

No one can really get out of this social media ocean. Every day there are new softwares and websites come out to take part in the development of social media, and they are getting more and more specific, trying to get closer to our daily lives.

Foursquare is a location based service, it connected with mobile devices and people using “check-in” to tell the world their locations, which even brings an interaction between netizens and the environment. Pipl is a people searching engine, which in the picture belongs to the reputation part, although Google can also be used for people searching, websites like Pipl leads to a more accurate result.

Speaking of SMS (Short Message Service), I am a bit doubtful. Is SMS a social media as well? It looks like that SMS entered our lives much earlier than other social media sites, not mention Facebook. When there is no Facebook, we communicate with each other through ICQ or MSN a lot. To some extend, it makes sense that we use chatting tools to share informations so that a sharing network is built, and we can consider SMS as a social media. However, so far I cannot find a related article to support this idea while every one already thinks that SMS is a social media.

But at least one thing for sure is, believe it or not, human beings were born to be social animals. Don’t think that social network is just a outcome of this era. In fact, this sentence came out from thousands years ago, by one of the greatest Greek Philosophers Aristotle. And during thousands of years, there is no such a convenient tool for people to communicate until the invention of internet. Technology helps a social network easier to reach, the growth of social media sites were born to meet people’s demand.

Plus, Social Media now is even accelerating the globalization.  A local happening could become a global concerned situation. Isn’t this amazing? I am sure that Aristotle would be so happy if he could see the sharing network today. He would wish he could relive.

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Copyright of your Social Media Blog (Day 3)

I decide to share my Social Media Blog to my friends in China, though has censored by the Great Fire Wall(GFW) many times. And this morning, I received a private message from my mum through my Chinese Twitter(Sina Weibo), she used her habitual worrying words saying: “So you just publish your research like this? What will happen if someone steal your articles? ” Firstly I laughed, but a second after, I realized this is indeed a problem.

It looks like you can only come up with those copyright things when you are living in a “non-copyrights” country, like… hmm, China, since there are countless annoying “stealing” stories happening. However, stories are not what I concern about today, and I have these two tasks: one is to discover how to make sure that readers and Google both know that my content is the original, the other is to see if it possible I can found out if my content is stolen by other people.

We trust Google, always. And Google obviously knows this so they are doing their best to make every thing better. Like the way they deal with the “canonical page”. A canonical page is “the preferred version of a set of pages with highly similar content”. Google suggests that you can use the attribute rel=”canonical” atribute to specify a canonical page, so that the searching engine could directs netizens to your canonical page. (For further details, please read here)

To some extend, re=”canonical page” could indeed help authors make their original content better be read by people, plus, there are other ways to proactively address the duplicate content issues,like using 301redirects etc.

But I still feel unsafe. Google is not a high IQ human race, it might make mistakes, sometimes gets dumb. So what happe if Googlebots, which is a web crawler used by Google, crawls more on the un-original site than the original site, then whose rank gonna be higher in Google, and how can Google distinguish them? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer.

I found a relevant video”How can I make sure that Google knows my content is the original?” from YoutubeMatt Cutts, the SEO specialist from Google talks about how to solve this problem, but in fact those solutions are not appreciated by most netizens. He still talks about same old ways to deal with copyrights issues: doing spam reports or DMCA reports and so on. And as far as we have been experienced, they are not really helpful.

Maybe you are getting depressed by now. But as the old saying goes: when one door closes, another door opens, because there are lots of tracking softwares and websites to help the original author check if their content get stolen and detect on people who steal it. You might have noticed the “copyright” loge I put in the bottom of my blog page. It is from a totally free copyright protection website,and you only need three steps to register the site you want to protect, and get a badge from them on your site. is another website for you to find out the copies of your content online, and afterwards you can even use the Whois Source to look for the thief’s IP and domain. (For further details please read here) Plus, since we all love Google, it is taking new measure to prevent copyrights infringement and it won’t be long.

Well, hopefully a copyright protected internet environment will come soon. And in fact sharing is much better than stealing. Don’t you think it is much easier for you to click those social plugins instead of copying the whole article and put them on another site? Oh and beware, this article is protected ! Registered & Protected

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Share your Social Media Blog (Day 2)

“Social Media is all about Sharing,” Mr.D says. His words remind me of my graduation thesis, where I researched the earliest Chinese blogger Isaac Mao. He believes in “Sharism” and even optimistically predict that “Sharism” could bring democracy to Chinese people. I really hope this is not just a dream, though we all know that “highly free sharing network” is unrealizable at this moment in China. As a social media specialist, every time when I think of the situation in my beloved motherland China, I feel sad.

How to share your blog? One word: Plugins. With the development of Social Network Site (SNS) , social plugins are everywhere in the web. I always click them but never tried to add them to my own online works before. So here come my task today: add facebook and twitter button to my blog articles, put the “follow me” twitter button on my blog page, and find out other more social plugins.

It seems easy, but it turns out a tough day.  There are so many people looking for plugins through internet but none of those information works on my blog. Well of course the plugin directory of offers thousands of free downloads to help bloggers rich their network sharing, which looks so nice, but finally I discovered that WordPress. org and are two different entities!

I am really obnoxious about this, and I bet that there are millions of netizens feel the same since we have the same question: Where the hell is the “plugin” section on my blog dashboard menu?! I spend hours but I cannot find it at all! So if you meet the same difficulty, please read this in the first beginning, otherwise you gonna be in a bad mood for a whole day.

I am sure that in order to make use of these plugins that supplied by, firstly you have to download the wordpress software, which can be found directly on the homepage of Then you can follow the attached installations of different plugins to launch your interested plugins. However, I am not going to do this. I wish I could become a professional blogger really, but today the only plugins I need are simple ones.

One thing I want to emphasize is: don’t look down on itself ! If you are not intended to make your blog that professional, the existed functions from the dashboard are cool enough. Every blog articles you write through WordPress actually includes their own sharing plugins, all you have to do is to get into “Settings” and active them. Thus, that is what you can found in the bottom of my blog articles.

There is another useful function can be found directly from’s dashboard: “widgets” from the “Appearance” section. Blogger’s Twitter can be connected to blog page through the “twitter” widget. It means that the blogger’s tweets update can been seen from his blog page.

I only have a few twitter followers, because I only use twitter to follow celebrities while rarely tweets. But I guess I have to change this after adding “follow me on twitter” plugin on my blog page. And I have to say it is much easier to “follow me on Twitter” than “like this on Facebook”, neither of us (me and Mr.D) figured out how the latter works. As far as I have discovered, there are two easiest ways to add “Twitter” on the websites, one is to get the HTML code from Twitter’s offcial site, the other is to enter the The only difference is that the latter has a bigger image.

So far, Facebook and Twitter plugins are enough for me. But I also found an awesome link for more plugins, which can be used for social network obsessors. A website called Perlita Labs offers a series of code of all the popular plugins, including Myspace, Digg, Delicious etc. I guess with all these information above, a sharing network could be built from the blog, and then that is a real “social media blog”.


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Choosing Your Social Media Blog (Day 1)


Today is the very first day that I work as a social media specialist. Actually I am just a newbie walk into a new company and get into the big blue Social Media ocean. I feel that I suddenly become a little fish, ready to discover this sea area that I have never been in.

The first task to take is “Blogs”. Believe it or not, I don’t know much about blogs, but I have been a blogger for years. Cannot remember how many blogs I have owned before, but do know that everything I have written are about my daily life.

Well of course I know how to swim, but there is never an idea comes up that:hey, little fish, you should swim in the Social Media sea, and don’t stuck in your own water!  Since I  should have shared my blogging articles with someone else through Social Network Sites, and I should start this RIGHT NOW.

There are some reasons why I choose as my land and I will explain them later in this article.

Firstly I want to mention the alleged top ten blogging sites which I have read from ,in order to make sure this list is accurate to some extend, I searched the “blogging sites” through Google, and most of them showing up in the first pages. Then I guess it is reasonable for me to start my social media blog on one of them.

Today Mr. D(my boss)taught me some new words and asked me to figure out the meanings by myself. They are “SEO”, “Social Plugins” and “Content is King” etc.  For most professionals, even non-professional social media fans, they are not new at all, but for me, it takes a while to digest.

SEO is short for  Search Engine Optimization, which probably gonna play an essential role in my future work. And I like the sentence “Content is King“, which is the same expression like “Knowledge is Power “, simple, influential and interesting. Shortly speaking, content drives the web, for a popular blogger, good content is very important since it decides repeat visitors and netizens could attain benefit from it. But it is always easier said than done, anyway, I am gonna treat it as the tenet of my blog, the lighthouse in the sea.

Thanks to Google, one of the most influential and best inventions in this era, I found out that is the best blog platform for SEO. Meanwhile, through WordPress’ plugin directory, it is clearly to see that at least WordPress provides at least 14,827 social plugins as extensions, which is apparently the most amongst those popular blogging sites.

And as far as I have heard and considered, while also with the mention from Mr.D, WordPress has the best blog layouts as well.

The last point is the usability, since WordPress has already won the competitions of SEO, Plugins and Layouts so far, I am pretty sure that WordPress is usable enough for netizens. Thus, I decide to launch it here.

So here it goes. Hopefully everything will go well in the next days. The best thing is that I already have a feeling that I will enjoy this ocean. Ciao.

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