Link Building Technology (Day 55)

Link building is not only about links exchange. We write an e-mail to exchange out links with other websites is just a part of the the whole “link building” thing whilst link building is only a piece of all SEO puzzles. Besides, backlinks and internal links are both very important  elements for link building to consider. And some people even claim that internal links are more vital than backlinks.

Nowadays, there are lots of companies helping building links for clients. They are using both technological  software and social media platform to improve the link quality, attempting to increase the number of visitors, which is also the goal for most websites. Meanwhile, it is not hard to find some free or self-purchased link building software for personal use.

Google is the most popular searching engine in the world (except China), so for most SEO specialists, have a good knowledge of Google is helpful. Like the article I wrote about the copy-write before, sometimes google can tell the “canonical page” better than other pages so that original content could have a better ranking. And here is a helpful video from Matt Cutts , who gives “link building technology” a general idea based on Google searching engine.

Personally, I think Link Building technology is a door for people to get into the website, but if the website wants to a keep audience visiting frequently, link building strategy should be focused. Therefore, both of them are important to SEO. We cannot ignore the role that link building technology plays, while be sure to make a good link building strategy to help improve the rank page and page popularity.

Link building strategy is more creative than link building technology, since the latter has its rule to follow. However, they both help the website on searching engine.


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2 responses to “Link Building Technology (Day 55)

  1. I heard that some link building tool can cause your site to be penalized by Google. Is it really true?

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