“Like” Madness for Social Media Marketing (Day 18)

It all happens in Facebook this time. A party organization (well, let’s just say this, it is much easier to understand ) called “Vrij Poppetje” holds an event on its Facebook fanpage, they took some picture for different people, and created an album, stating that the picture with most “likes” could win 12 VIP tickets for their big open air party in the south of Amsterdam, and tickets all will be given to the person in the picture.

Thus, people in those pictures are beginning to try their best to attract their friends or non-friends for a “Like” to win this competition. In fact this activity is none of my business. But surprisingly, Mr.D shows up in one of pictures, and  then unsurprisingly,  this becomes one of my tasks, I need to help him beat others!

“Help, Please ! ”  Many of my friends on Facebook or Email list received my “help” letter. Plus, I posted the link on my own wall, on walls of groups I am in, on walls of some other fanpage I joined. Even my teacher in my university saw this message and blamed that I am “mad”, well, by looking back at what I have done for this now, I think I was crazy too!

However, loads of questions come out.  Genrally speaking, I just need a “like”, which only takes 2 seconds, but it seems that people would rather surf internet for useless information than click a “Like”. Why is that?   And why there is a “Like”  competition only for party tickets?

Big profit lies behind “Like”.Firstly, you can not “like” this picture directly, so once people receive this link, they have no idea where is the “like” button. And the most important point  is that  the “like” button can only be shown unless you “like” this fanpage of Vrij Poppetje first, which means! And after this, your Facebook wall will keep updating latest information from Vrij Poppetje.

We all know how Facebook works. No matter for a note, a link, a picture, a statue, the more comments and likes they receive, the better rankings they will get. And usually “top news” is the first thing we see when we log in our Facebook. So far, Mr.D’s picture has received 30+ likes and some comments, so this picture probably will get a good ranking  in these 30+ people’s friends’ walls. Therefore, the number of people who saw this picture, or knew this organization will definitely much much much more than the numer of 30+.

The “like” competitions is one way of social media campaign, in fact it is a smart way too, because Vrij Poppetjes don’t have to spend one penny on this while competitors are the ones to do advertisement. Once they are famous, they can make more profits, and expand their business.

Hereby I would like to talk about people’s reactions after sending those annoying “help ” messages (I apologize!  I am really really sorry to bother you guys!). Besides my teacher’s complaining, most of them dislike this. I am sure if there is a “dislike” button, this picture is going to win! Because my message is so “unspecial”, they also think it is a spam. Facebook have lots of spams, and they create a scare for most netizens once they receive something that relates to “link” or “help”.

For friends who I am not very familiar with,  they just ignore this because of “spam”, but for friends who get along well with me, they even send me messages like “hi, are you okay? what is wrong with your account” etc., which is really kind-hearted and makes me feel so warm.

I am glad to see this picture has won most “like” so far, but the truth is most of them come from personal relation. I talked with friends who appear online, and then sent them the link to explain the whole situation, otherwise I am really not positive on the result. Thinking of these popular social media brands that I have discusses these couple of days, I really wish I was one of them. It is very sad to face the fact that I am a normal root-class netizen, both in internet and reality…

Here is the whole “like “madness story. I still hope Mr.D’s picture will win and I could get the party tickets. But wait, what is the prize for people who vote for me? I really have no idea, I am really sorry. But speaking of this, I believe that if there is a bonus gift for each netizen who “like”  this picture, millions of “like” will come easily!  We all want something! Maybe in the near future, when Vrij Poppetjes is big and popular enough, it will offer a “more expensive” way to run its social media campaign.

So please vote: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=140944955980759&set=a.140943892647532.36277.134096866665568&type=1&theater

This is not a spam! 😀

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