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How to Attract Readers to Your Blog (Day 17)

Well, I have to confess that I am ashamed. I am not popular neither online nor in reality. Before starting this article, I really need some professional advice, however,it seems that real popular bloggers scorn this shallow question. Because so far all  information that I could attain online are not from popular bloggers. So Now I guess I can only switch my role from a blogger into a blog reader to guess exactly “how”. Thus, if you find this article through Google or somewhere, please don’t take it seriously.

No matter how many ways there are to attract readers, I still believe: content is the king! If you want to know what  does this mean, please don’t feel annoying to check my first blog article. Readers won’t keep visiting one’s blog if there is full of nonsense. Usually, after a whole day of tired working or studying, while facing the computer back home, people need something different from daily lives. Something that fit their interests, something that make them relaxed and happy, something that cannot be easily found or even don’t exist in reality.

Take the “redhead bitch” Erika Napoletano for example, her blog’s big popularity helps she become one of the most famous personal social media brand.Actually, her contents include many categories, and she is a very creative person considering unconventional stuff like “57 things to do before you die”, which interests bored netizens a lot.

One of the most significant features that only the internet has is that it could turn root-class people into a big celebrity. Every one is equal to each other in social network, every one has the possibility to become famous. To adore a person has many reasons, maybe he is funny, maybe he has talent, maybe he is good looking…And the truth is every person has one shining thing inside to discover. Intending to be a popular blogger, we have to discover this “shining thing” by ourselves.

Who are you? What are you good at? What do you want to share with people? Keep these three things in mind. You have to show yourself but not self-centered in social network, meanwhile, you need to make others interested in you, both personality and contents.

You might get confused until you read this part, because internet is a virtual world, you can be anyone you can. I agree with this too. However, from those face to face interviews with popular bloggers, it is not hard to see that they are just as cute as what they write. Do you know someone who is a boring while have the ability to write interesting stories? Of course not!

“How to attract readers to your blog” has two meanings. One means that you can make people easier found you, earn more clicks, the other means people like to read your blog and keep visiting frequently. You can reach the former with technical ways like using RRS button, sharing through facebook or twitter, building links to obtain a better ranking on major search engines; but for the latter, it needs lost of works to do.

So before taking my advice above, I suggest first you read articles like “how to find your real value”, “how to know yourself”, “how to know what you really like” , that is the thing I think it is more important to build yourself and keep popularity for your blog. Well,speaking of this, why don’t  you just start writing tips on helping people to know themselves? Perhaps it gonna work, who knows ! Haha.


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5 Popular Personal Social Media Brands (Day 15)

Besides Gary Vaynerchuk, I need to figure out other four successful personal social media brands today. Again, I have to ask help from Google and Wikipedia. However, it doesn’t give me enough information this time. There is a large number of results on “how to” build a successful personal social media brands instead of a list about those “real successful” personal social media brands, it seems that most people are eager to create their own personal social media brands other than  talk about others’ success. Since this is a trend of social media’s development, taking the first chance is extremely important for everyone.

Thus, it makes sense that 90% of successful personal social media brands (as far as I have found),  are social media marketer or specialists, they are setting models themselves to help normal netizens become popular as they are. Plus, they are also sharing their professional knowledges with their fans.  The big popularity behind them also makes me believe that social media closely relates to business profits because no matter what the communication is about, “making money” is the main topic that everyone concerns.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the most popular one without any doubts, he even has his wikipedia page.He has more than 80 thousands followers on his twitter, and it is very easy to find his youtube video on social media as well. Maybe we can say he is the best person who can apply business to social media properly. He knows how to promote business by social media skill so that many people ask help from him and listen to his advice. Though his major firstly was not social media, social media is the platform makes him famous and more successful on his business: the wine.

Frank Eliason is another famous & popular personal social medial brand. He is also a businessman but mainly focus on how to give best customer service through social media. It is said that ” He was a man doing the right thing at the right time and he unwittingly became a celebrity in social media marketing circles for his accomplishments. “ His repute from the work he  did in comcastcares, and it didn’t get reduced even after when he quit his job.

Jonathan Fields , who is a famous blogger firstly, then starts his book marketing project. In fact his blog also have contents about his life and work, then how can he build a personal social media brand? Then obviously, the content is the king. Usable information is very important for the grow of personal brand. He is the author of book Career Renegade , giving advice to people on how to work what they really like, which exactly matches people’s need in today’s fast speed life.

There is another example that starts from blogging, a red head “bitch” Erika Napoletano , her kick-ass writing attract various of readers. Her contents are not specific about how to make use of  social media for business as Gary Vaynerchuk, but they have great sense of humor. People read her blogs for leisure more. However, her success in blogging still pushes herself into a social media specialist level, and helping her building up her personal social media brand.

And I really need to mention Jamie Oliver ! In China, there is an old saying that “Food is the god for people”, and probably this is the reason why  Jamie Oliver’s food revolution could bring him into one of the most popular personal social media brands. People want to eat healthy, people want their children to be healthy.His popularity online brings his business into reality, he owns some restaurants with huge profits (of course!) His personal social media makes him rich, makes us healthy. It creates benefits for both him and audience.

No matter what, from twitter, one of their biggest social media activity platform, we can clearly see  a common feature: they are interacting with their fans all the time! And this is a very vital element to help them stay popular and make themselves better.

After seeing their success, I cannot help ask is it possible that a normal person could also be famous, successful, popular as them through social media platform? Probably not. As far as I have discovered, most of them have a prerequisite: they are already successful enough in their own field before the social media brands’ set up.People adore them because they want to be similar as them.

I cannot adore a person if he is nothing, and he has to have “something” the deserve my worship. He can be good at writing(like Erika Napoletano), can be good at running business(Like Gary Vaynerchuk), good at cooking(Jamie Oliver) etc. And that is the basis of the their popularity online. Social media is not a place for them to start their career, it is a place for them to promote, to advertise, to make them more successful.

Thus, if you want to own a popular personal social media brand, firstly discover the real value of yourself!



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