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Link Building and Social Media (Day 10)

Unluckily, Mr.D didn’t show up today, after receiving his message about today’s assignment through mobile phone,  I spent a whole day acting like a zombie. Because I have lots of question marks in my head, wondering the topic today: social media and link building.

If we try to understand what is link building, Wikipedia will lead us to the page of “SEO(Search Engine Optimization)”, which has been briefly described in the first day’s blog article. But “link building” does not  mean SEO fully, but it is SEO’s trump card, it plays an important role in SEO.

Here comes a word called backlink , it generally means incoming links to a websites or a web page. This is very important, because inbound links could help websites or pages achieve higher rankings through the major searching engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. And that is what SEO talks about. Therefore, what “link building” doing exactly is to build links to websites and web pages in order to help them win more exposure on the internet. The more links have been built, the better the ranking will be, then more audience will come to visit.

But what is the relationship between link building and social media? I found many articles on the importance of social media ‘s part on link building strategies, the answer is s till blurry. Thanks to Mr.S (my another boss), when all staff went home leaving me alone behind in the office, he used a simple graph leads me walking out from the darkness. SEO and Social Media are separate conceptions, and link building, which belongs to the former doesn’t relates to social media either. But when they are together, they could promote the ranking of the websites or web pages.

Using social media as the platform for “link building” could help develop effective business relationships.  For example, if a website have a twitter account or facebook page, when it has more “likes” and more retweets, a bigger popularity could help the ranking of this website higher, which is also what “link building” do. A better ranking could attract more potential consumer so that the business will possible be promoted, more profits will be made. While a company is working hard on its SEO’s link building, social media should not be forgotten.

Social plugins become essential elements, because they lead netizens to a specific website or web page’s social media platform. In other words, if a website/web page want to attract more visitors, or be easier to be found, it have to be shared through social media. There is no doubt that every one is getting involved in the social network, no matter for business or personal promotions.

Facebook and Twitter  are the two biggest social media sites which always come first according to websites. Besides that there are also blogs, forums, RSS to use. In fact,on one hand, there are  many link building softwares and computer technologies help the SEO; on the other hand, link building is a link sharing between social media and netizens. The final purpose is to come out a better ranking on major searching engines.

Though there are a large number of ways to build link popularity, it is not only about adding a link then walk away. Interactions, communications, quality of websites are all vital elements, especially for social media. Because links are built for attracting audience. Unlike the old ways of promotion, audience is the one who really take actions. Link-building provides links, audiences spread them and make them be seen by more people.

Today is my last day of the second week. I am already shocked by the power of  Social media and how it changes the world. And I even begin to believe that social media could get rid of our selfishness.

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