Choosing Your Social Media Blog (Day 1)


Today is the very first day that I work as a social media specialist. Actually I am just a newbie walk into a new company and get into the big blue Social Media ocean. I feel that I suddenly become a little fish, ready to discover this sea area that I have never been in.

The first task to take is “Blogs”. Believe it or not, I don’t know much about blogs, but I have been a blogger for years. Cannot remember how many blogs I have owned before, but do know that everything I have written are about my daily life.

Well of course I know how to swim, but there is never an idea comes up that:hey, little fish, you should swim in the Social Media sea, and don’t stuck in your own water!  Since I  should have shared my blogging articles with someone else through Social Network Sites, and I should start this RIGHT NOW.

There are some reasons why I choose as my land and I will explain them later in this article.

Firstly I want to mention the alleged top ten blogging sites which I have read from ,in order to make sure this list is accurate to some extend, I searched the “blogging sites” through Google, and most of them showing up in the first pages. Then I guess it is reasonable for me to start my social media blog on one of them.

Today Mr. D(my boss)taught me some new words and asked me to figure out the meanings by myself. They are “SEO”, “Social Plugins” and “Content is King” etc.  For most professionals, even non-professional social media fans, they are not new at all, but for me, it takes a while to digest.

SEO is short for  Search Engine Optimization, which probably gonna play an essential role in my future work. And I like the sentence “Content is King“, which is the same expression like “Knowledge is Power “, simple, influential and interesting. Shortly speaking, content drives the web, for a popular blogger, good content is very important since it decides repeat visitors and netizens could attain benefit from it. But it is always easier said than done, anyway, I am gonna treat it as the tenet of my blog, the lighthouse in the sea.

Thanks to Google, one of the most influential and best inventions in this era, I found out that is the best blog platform for SEO. Meanwhile, through WordPress’ plugin directory, it is clearly to see that at least WordPress provides at least 14,827 social plugins as extensions, which is apparently the most amongst those popular blogging sites.

And as far as I have heard and considered, while also with the mention from Mr.D, WordPress has the best blog layouts as well.

The last point is the usability, since WordPress has already won the competitions of SEO, Plugins and Layouts so far, I am pretty sure that WordPress is usable enough for netizens. Thus, I decide to launch it here.

So here it goes. Hopefully everything will go well in the next days. The best thing is that I already have a feeling that I will enjoy this ocean. Ciao.

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